Train Line 45 Delivering RhB Ge 4/6

Customers are receiving the first RhB Ge 4/6 locomotives from Train Line 45. Meanwhile, Train Line has also published photos of the Swiss narrow gauge engine on their website.

The Ge 4/6 comes in a brown RhB paint schema with road number 353, and is available in two versions:

  • Train Line 45 2050000 Ge 4/6 #353 Analog/DCC
  • Train Line 45 2050012 Ge 4/6 #353 DCC Zimo with Sound

Train Line 45 RhB Ge 4/6
Image Soure: Train Line 45

All four driving wheels are powered via the stainless steel wheel sets as well as four power pick-up shoes. Some features: opening cab doors, prototypically painted cab, cab lighting, electrically operating pantographs, prototypical 3+1 LED lighting.

The analog version can also operate on DCC and already has a power buffer installed. In case a customer decides they want sound anyway, this can be unlocked via a separate purchase. This way, ultimately there is no difference between the two versions.

Train Line 45 RhB Ge 4/6
Image Soure: Train Line 45

Link: Train Line 45

Metal Wheels Roundup – #2 LGB

In this post, we’ll cover the regular metal wheels from LGB. LGB also offers ball bearing wheels with power pick-up, which will be covered in another post.

LGB offers metal wheels in an advertised 31 mm size in three different variants: single spoked wheels (European narrow gauge style), double spoked wheels (mainly for Swiss narrow gauge purposes), and fully closed aka disc wheels (any prototype).

  • 67319 Spoked Wheel Set Metal, 2 pcs (pictured)
  • 67320 Double Spoked Wheel Set Metal, 2 pcs
  • 67419 Disc Wheel Set Metal, 2 pcs (pictured)

Note that in some product descriptions at some online retailers, the wheel sets are advertised as being 30 mm. This is wrong, as proven by the measurements below.

LGB 67419 Disc Wheel Set Metal 2 pcsLGB 67319 Spoked Wheel Set Metal 2 pcs


  • MSRP: € 29,99 / $ 32.99
  • Street price: around € 22,00 / $ 26.00

Technical Details & Measurements

  • Wheel tread material: hard chrome plated metal
  • Wheel center material: plastic
  • Wheel tread diameter: 31,0 mm
  • Wheel spacing back to back: 39,8 mm
  • Flange depth: 3,1 mm
  • Weight: 39 gr

This article is part of the Metal Wheels Roundup Series | Previous article: Metal Wheels Roundup – #1 Introduction | Next article: PIKO [coming soon] | In the final article, all dimensions and prices will be compared.

Metal Wheels Roundup – #1 Introduction

The wheel sets that keep your rolling stock smoothly are always a hot topic. Some people stick to factory fitted plastic wheels, others pick the cheapest option to convert to metal wheels, others standardize to one brand only, others play with wheel sizes to get Kadee couplers to properly line up between different brands of rolling stock…

So, many approaches, and as many choices. There’s a very diverse offering from different manufacturers in different sizes and types like disc wheels, spoked wheels, ball bearing wheels, wheels with power pick-up, etc.

In this product roundup series, an extensive overview will be provided of commercially available (and at least somewhat popular) options in G scale.

Train Wheelset

Some of the presented options will be covered in more detail (dimensions, weight) when I owned/purchased a sample, but I cannot simply buy everything on the market… 😉.

First up: LGB!

In the final part in the series, all technical details will be summarized into a large table for your reference.