LGB Announces New Items for 2024

LGB has announced their new items for 2024.

While there are 28 entries in the 2024 New Items brochure, only 16 items are new, all others are reissues of models from previous years.

For the European market, as a completely new construction, there will be three versions of the Harz 99 5901 Mallet in LGB’s High End range. For Swiss narrow gauge fans, there will be a new construction of the RhB Ge 4/6 electric locomotive (yes, a duplicate offering to the one released by Train Line end of last year), and a HGe 4/4 II rack locomotive for the MGB as another completely new construction.

For the American market, a Mogul steam locomotive with matching passenger cars and a boxcar will come for the Nevada Central Railway (NCRR).

Link: LGB New Items 2024